Saltwash - small can 110 g

Saltwash® - Content: 110 g = 4 oz Gross price at 100 g = 15.22 euros Application amount: approx. 0,55-0,75 m² Powder of natural sea salt

Saltwash® is ideal for furniture but also for walls, floors, accessories and fabrics. It can be applied to wood, laminates, glass, textiles, plastics and many other materials, both internally and externally. Thanks to the content of real sea salt Saltwash® dries quickly (three-dimensional) and shows excellent adhesion. Powder Saltwash®, which is added to any color, color or finish, forms an integral and ready to use product. The right consistency allows the application on almost all paintable surfaces.

Shipping weight: 0,15 Kg

119.00 kr.